Terichmir Travel is a Hindukush, Chitral based Adventure Tour Operating Company in Pakistan. The company is fully registered and licensed by the Department of Tourism Services, Ministry of Tourism Government of Pakistan. We are specialized in Mountaineering Expeditions, Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Trekking Trip, White Water Rafting, Jeep Safaris, Mountain Bike Tours, Wildlife Photography, Shikar (Trophy Hunting), Trout Fishing, Culture and Sightseeing Tours in the Hindukush and Karakoram regions of Northern Pakistan.
Terichmir Travel symbolizes the nature’s remotest human settlement of Terich valley and the highest peaks of Hindukush range, a gateway to the major Mountaineering and Trekking routes, which lead to the highest peaks and longest glaciers of the central Hindukush.
Terich, which is one of Pakistan’s highest and remote valleys, the last human settlement before the actual march to Terich Glacier and Terich Concordia, Udren and Roshgol Glaciers leading to the Wakhan Corridor.
Its real attraction is being a gateway to the grandest sights of the region to Concordia and the amphitheatre of 7 highest mountains of Hindukush and the adjacent glaciers and peaks, including, Tirich Mir Main 7708m, Tirich Mir East 7690m, Noshaq Main 7492mm, Noshaq East 7480m, Istor o Nal 7403m, Saraghrar 7349m and Shingeik Zom 7290m. 
Terichmir Travel proudly acknowledges its aim of bringing clients safely to the marvels of the region. 

Terichmir Travel

Terichmir 7708m As seen from Chitral Town KP


Hindukush lies in the North of Pakistan and the highest section of their range lies within Chitral - Pakistan. All of the 43 seven thousand-metre peaks have got defined routes that lead through Chitral and the Terich valley. There are also about 180 named and 50 unnamed peaks over 6000m high and most of them are still unclimbed.


The Hindukush,Chitral region especially the highest section of this range offers a good number of trekking routes up to 6500m. Some are traditionally used but may have been explored. 

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